Award Rules

Award Rules

  1. NFPJ Photo Concern National Photojournalism Award 2073 is organized and held by National Forum of Photo Journalists (NFPJ).
  2. To participate this Award, you agree the following rules. Therefore, please read them carefully prior to your entry.


General Entry Rules

  1. The person should be Photojournalist and Nepali citizen over18 years of age. Applicant from newspaper should have minimum experience of 1 year in any newspaper and news- online portal applicant should have minimum 6 months of experience and must be valid Photojournalist. Please submit a copy of Press Identity Card (Freelance Photojournalist can submit copy of DOI Press ID card or Letter from Media House).
  2. By participating this award ceremony, you agree to receive information about the award ceremony and connected events, invitations etc. via email or mobile. In case you are shortlisted, you will be informed by a call or an email.


How to enter

  1. You must fill up a form from our website *You should send 3 news photos published in news paper or online news portal and this is mandatory.


Submission deadline

  1. Entry form (*) must be submitted by 11.59:59 pm on Monday, 14 Chaitra 2073 and meet the requirements provided below.


Selection of Winners

  1. All eligible entries will be reviewed and judged by juries of maximum 7 members. The juries will evaluate his/her working experience, potentiality and published news photo on the basis of his/her concepts.
  2. The media house can also send their best candidate list for this Award.
  3. The juries will shortlist 55 photo journalists within 11 categories and will announce the shortlist during the award ceremony on 13 Baishakh 2074 to be held in Kathmandu. Hence, D.B. Thapa Lifetime Achievement Award and “Photojournalist of the Year 2073” will be awarded only to one photojournalist and will be decided by the juries. He/she is eligible to participate one or more categories. In this case, you should also send 3 photo news (if applying for more than 1 category) been published on news paper or online and this is mandatory.

10   Eligible members of NFPJ can only apply for NFPJ Active member category. To apply this category NFPJ member should submit copy of NFPJ valid id card.

  1. From the shortlist, the juries will select the individual category winners (i.e. one winner per category). If any photojournalist applying in more than a category is shortlisted will also be awarded. They will also select the “Photojournalist of the Year 2073” Award among all categories as the winner of the NFPJ Photo Concern National Photojournalism Award 2073.
  2. The decisions of the juries are final and binding. This does not affect NFPJ’s right to determine new winners.
  3. All winners will be notified via email and mobile prior to the official announcements, but agree to keep this information confidential until it is officially announced at the Award ceremony on 13 Baishakh 2074.


  1. NFPJ Photo Concern National Photojournalism Award 2073 and D.B. Thapa Life-time Achievement Award will receive Rs.50, 000/- (cash). Other Title Awards will receive Rs.25, 000/- (cash). All the winners will receive Trophy and Felicitation Letter and gift hamper worth Rs 10,000/- from Photo Concern.
  2. NFPJ reserves the right to modify or replace the award prizes at its sole discretion.



  1. When submitting news photo, you warrant that you are the sole copyright holder and you confirm that you have obtained all permissions to use the news photo as promotion.
  2. In no event will NFPJ, event partners, its advertising or promotion agencies, be responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind arising out of any entrant’s participation in the Competition or relating to any prizes granted.


Please Submit Form at: SEASON MEDIA – 01 4444835, Putalisadak, Kathmandu For further details contact: Dhruba Ale 9851012299, Pradeep Raj Onta 9851044835  Email:,